My Services

Basic House Clean

Service includes spraying and wiping down all surface areas in kitchen, Bathrooms and Living room. Vacuum carpets, dust furniture and desks and also mop floors.

PB Cleaners

Hydrogen peroxide with a good squirt of Oregon Soap Company’s Castile Soap (Customer’s Choice).  Citrasolve to de-grease kitchen surfaces, and a proprietary blend to polish stainless steel and clean glass. Ask me about Colloidal Silver fogging.

Deep Clean

Bring your home up to a hyper maintained condition by going deep…Cleaning behind  and inside appliances such as stoves, refridgerators, heavy furniture and cabinets etc etc. Deep cleaning is highly recommended for a move-in/move-out.

Yard & Garden Maintenance

PB Green Clean is more than just an inside job. Simple garden maintenance such as weeding, planting, tilling, leaf blowing, and lawn mowing is a pleasure!

One of a Kind

Utilizing the extraordinary technology of award winning Natural Scientist Johann Grander, PB Green Clean is the only “biz” in the surrounding Seattle area using water revitalizer technology.  Please Click HERE for information on this mind blowing technology!

Light Carpentry & Demolition

Need a chicken coup or raised garden beds constructed or how about some dry wall smashed out for a remodel. PB’s got you covered with handy man hands.